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Have you ever seen a traffic signal?

I mean those wonderful green poles at traffic intersections that have the red, gold and green lights that guide vehicles? They are absolutely wonderful, aren’t they?

We know the rhyme, right?

Red means STOP!

 Yellow means get READY!!

Green means GO, GO, GO and GOOO!!

Well, it was invented by a wonderful black man called Garrett Augustus Morgan.

Mr. Morgan was born on March 4, 1877.

His parents were former slaves, and he was only educated to a sixth-grade level. Fortunately, like many great inventors, Morgan had a great mind that enabled him to solve problems.

Mr. Morgan was also a skilled businessman.

After moving to Cleveland, Ohio, at the age of 18, Garrett Morgan’s business abilities gave him immediate success. He invented the first chemical hair straightener, started his own sewing equipment repair business, and even established a newspaper called the Cleveland Call.

Mr.  Morgan’s invented the first gas mask in 1914 but it was two years later that the idea really took off when a group of workers got stuck in a tunnel below Lake Erie after an explosion.

Mr. Morgan and a team of men donned the masks to help get them out. After the rescue was a success, requests for the masks began pouring in, and he started getting money and became famous.

Later, his invention received modifications that enabled it to carry its own oxygen.

Similarly, Garrett Morgan’s other famous invention – the traffic signal – was also invented to help save lives. After witnessing an accident on a roadway, Mr. Morgan decided a device was needed to keep cars and pedestrians from colliding.

His traffic signal was designed to stand on a street corner and notify vehicles and walkers whether they should stop or go in 1923.

Later, the rights to the invention were purchased by General Electric.

He also invented the gas mask, revamped sewing machine and hair-straightening products.


Mr. Morgan died on July 27,1963, aged 86 years old.

Champs, you can be black and powerful! God did not make you lazy and dull like some folks say. God made you in His image, and so you’re brilliant and clever!

You’re black and you’re powerful and so you can achieve any goal you set for yourself … never forget that!

The rule is: never ever give up…and you will succeed!

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