We love everything about CHILDREN and TEENS…

The Klever Magg believes children are the future.

Properly nurtured, guided and guarded, they will make the future bright.

And that is why we are here…to give a little slice of paradise to out children in the only way we know how: giving them a niche to escape to and read great stories that will entertain and mould their character!

We are here to help children cultivate, nurture and claim the reading habit that will be a beacon to their minds! After all, a reading mind is a super mind.

Children and teens need life’s little drops of golden stories to develop an all-round attitude and positive image needed to face life. Let’s face it: reading is becoming more increasingly extinct in this technological age where games, consoles, movies, dramedies and fun gadgets have exploded.

So yes, we are here to give our children a beautiful place to visit and make their hearts smile by providing them with entertaining, educative and fun stories to read, from fiction to facts. The fun is, they choose where their interests lie and just dive in it and enjoy their slice of paradise!

Are you seeking a great place for your child to learn, enjoy and mature?

Do you want your child to develop the reading habit?

Are you seeking little drops of advice or reads that will enrich your child’s life in a positive manner?

Do you have teenaged children you want to impart life lessons to?

Wish teens have a place to learn positive vibes and cautionary curves in the paths of life?

Well, if you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then you’ve come to the right place.

We are here for you.

We are Aaron and Eunice Ansah-Agyeman.

And we have three wonderful kids: a boy and two girls. And we put this wonderful website together to fulfil a need we know all children and teens crave.

So, you’re welcome to Klever Magg, a site for children and teens.

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