The Thunderstorm :: A Short Story::by Moonlight

The Thunderstorm
A Short Story by Moonlight


Once upon a time, in a beautiful land far far away, there lived a boy named Cody.

Cody was a young chap who had problem-solving abilities. His love for solving problems had come to the fore when he was just four years old.


Cody had three sisters named Lilith, Nikki and Eunice.

He was the oldest followed by Eunice, then Nikki and Lilith.

Cody was ten, Eunice was eight, Nikki was six, and Lilith was three.


One day, on their way back home from school, the clouds suddenly gathered, and a loud thunderstorm started without warning.

Lightning flashed across the skies with its deafening sounds in rapid sequence.


This made the sisters very scared, and they started screaming and crying, and would not sit still as they tried to get their father’s attention and putting all of them at risk.

Mr James Anaman, their father, was driving, and trees were falling everywhere from the strong winds.


Their Dad tried his best to help calm the girls down, but it was difficult because he wanted to keep his eyes on the road to avoid an accident.

Cody sat in deep thoughts for a while looking for a way to calm the girls so that their father could concentrate on the driving.


Suddenly, Cody smiled and started singing the family’s favourite song which their Mom always sang when she needed them to focus on something.

Surprisingly, the sisters calmed down and started singing along together with their Dad.

When they got home, the girls were already asleep. Their Mom and Dad carried them to their beds and bade them goodnight even though they could not respond.

The End

Comprehension Questions

  1. Who is the main character of the story?
  2. What is the title of the story?
  3. How old was Cody?
  4. Who was the oldest?
  5. How many sisters does Cody have?
  6. Who was driving?
  7. Where was their mom?
  8. Why were the sisters scared?
  9. What did Cody do to calm the sisters?
  10. What is Cody’s last name?

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