The Butterfly :: A Short Story::by Moonlight

The Butterfly

by Moonlight

Classwork (The Klever Online Academy)


A very long time ago, there was a girl called Elise.

She loved adventures and going to parties.

Elise also had a brother named Miko. One sad part of Elise’s life was that she and her brother never really got along from the time they were kids and Elise did not really understand why.

Sadly, they lost their other siblings, Bria and Anna, when they were ten.

Elise had a best friend, April who stuck by her side like forever and she knew she would be by her side till the end of time or so she thought.

One Friday night, the chaotic duo, Elise and April, as they are widely known, decided to go to a karaoke party at a newly opened place called “Beat it”.

April was the type who kept to herself more often and only went because Elise made her to.

There were a lot of great performances at the Karaoke party but the best one was Elise’s.

April looked at her friend with happiness when Elise was looking in her direction and cheered her on while recording Elise’s performance with the intent to post it on social media to embarrass her.


Hoping the video would not catch any attention, April posted the video right after the performance and waited for the silly comments she was sure would pour in.

The only real reason April was friends with Elise was that she had a crush on her brother but Elise didn’t know that.

Five days later, much to April’s chagrin, Elise’s video was already viral and an agent called her with an offer.

Elise accepted the offer immediately. She was very excited to tell her best friend about this but her “best friend” did not seem to care about what she was saying. Erroneously, Elise thought she was joking so she went for it anyway and forced April to join the new band the agent put up for her.

Even though Elise and her brother were not close anymore, she named the band after a nickname her brother always used to call her, Butterfly.

April got tired of pretending to be her friend and decided to get rid of Elise and steal her spotlight but didn’t know how so she teamed up with Elise’s old bullies and planned to blow her up on stage or poison her.


So, while Elise and her band were rehearsing for the gig, April was plotting against them.  And Elise was there thinking her best friend was just running late.

Elise’s brother had a lot he wanted to say to his sister but he could not because he was being blackmailed by April since she knew something Elise did not.

The assassins, as her brother preferred to call the bullies contracted by April, were after him on that day.

April soon walked in after being thirty minutes late for practice with cupcakes for Elise but just before she ate them, her brother burst into the room.

“Don’t eat that!” Miko exclaimed.

“Why would I listen to you?” Elise asked.

“I know we aren’t the best of friends but listen to me, please,” he said.

“Shut up! You neglected me for eighteen good years and left those bullies to get to me and left me outside,” she replied.


“I know what I did but I had my reasons,” he said on the verge of tears.

“Then tell me, why?”

“Maybe one day you will know why,” he said.

Just then April brought out a gun from her purse and aimed it at Elise and pulled the trigger but her brother got in the way.

“No, no, no, no, no!” Elise shouted in pain when she realized what just happened.

“April, how could you?” she looked at her in disgust.

“That was aimed at you, not him, you always ruin everything for me. I was supposed to be the star. I was supposed to be popular but no, you ruined that for me. I only pretended to be friends with you because of your brother,” April replied.

The paramedics and the police were called in and a few minutes later, April was arrested together with the bullies and Elise was in the hospital with her brother waiting to make sure her brother was okay.

Ten minutes later, there were a lot of nurses rushing into the hospital room her brother was and she got very scared and wanted to rush in but she was held back by some members of her band.

Thirty minutes later, a doctor came in looking blue and then she asked if he was okay.

“Your brother gave all of us a scare but I think he would make it. He lost consciousness for a beat and we were all scared he had given up the ghost but he has come around now, and asking to see you,” the doctor said.


With tears in her eyes, Elise walked into the ward her brother was and almost fainted when she saw his pale frame with a bandage around his middle, close to his heart area.

The nurse looked at Elise and stepped aside.

“Miko, are you alright?” Elise asked, her tears flowing down her cheeks now.

“Hi Butterfly,” Miko said weakly, “I know we haven’t been on the best terms and I’m the last person you want to talk to. For starters, there is something I need to get out of my chest. The only reason why I left you there that day was that the assassins were after me and if I had helped you they would have also gotten to you. April was one of the assassins who killed our siblings Bria and Anna. April and her group believe that Mom and Dad are assassins too and are responsible for April’s parents’ death. I was a fool to make her convince me that indeed Mom and Dad were assassins. By the time she told me this, Bria and Anna were already dead from food poisoning and I couldn’t forgive myself for that misfortune because I did not tell any of you what April told me. If something bad happens to me, know that I love you very much and I hope you have a great life. I will always root for you, little butterfly whether I live or die. And tell Mom and Dad when they get back from their ‘mission’ that I love them,” he said and started coughing.


“No, Miko. Stay with me. Please don’t leave me. You will tell them that yourself. Mom and Dad work for the government. It’s a secret mission of sorts and they say the less we know about it, the better. They are not assassins…I love you, Miko.”

The nurses asked Elise to excuse them as they fought to help Miko with whatever was happening. Elise will not leave the ward even though she was asked a thousand times to leave and kept calling her brother over and again.

After a while, the coughing stopped and he fell into a deep sleep but Elise believed the worst had happened and started wailing.

“He will be alright, Butterfly. He is just sleeping. We gave him a shot to let him sleep,” the kind nurse said with tears in her eyes, touched by how hard Elise was fighting for her brother to live.

Miko survived after four months in the hospital and her career took off right after that. Her first official song was written and sung for her dear brother and he was the number one cheerleader at the concert with chants of “Go Butterfly, Go Butterfly.”


April and her accomplices were jailed for ten years for attempted murder.

Three years after the unfortunate shooting incident, Elise got married to the guitarist in her band on the band’s second anniversary with her mom, Dad and brother in attendance on the band’s tour in South Africa.

And they lived happily ever after.


                                    The end!


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