The Raid of The Lion :: A Short Story:: by Elikem Dotse


The Raid Of The Lion

Story by Elikem Kodzo Dotse

(Student of the Klever Online Academy)

In the animal kingdom all was calm like a man meditating, but one day a lion cub was born and great calamity was made and there was no peace but the legend says he was the chosen one.

The cub’s birth stirred some ill feelings from the other animals who had their eyes on the throne in the animal kingdom.

Whooty, the owl especially believed that owls were the wisest animal in the kingdom and as such, they should rule. He was very happy when the Lion King and her Queen remained childless for many years after their reign.

And so, Whooty saw it as a calamity when the young lion cub was born and set in motion a plan to create confusion to get the animals to turn on each other.

The cub was called Spark. His eyes were blue and calm like looking at the ocean. He had beautiful orange fur that set him apart from all the lions in the kingdom.

Spark was fearless, fierce, kind and caring. And even though he was not that old, to problems he was like a policeman. And whenever there was a problem, he was ready to lend a helping hand.

The animal kingdom was a quiet, beautiful and very appealing place to live.

At the age of eleven, Spark had two friends; Jason; a honeybadger and Zack, a cat.

Jason could literally jump into a fire but he was known for getting into trouble often.

Zack was so scared that he could run ten miles when he saw an ant.

One day, the three friends were out walking and talking but on their way, they met Whooty the supposed wisest animal in the kingdom.

“Guys, I just had a vision, the animal kingdom will be in big trouble because all of the animals will turn on each other. You three are the only ones that could stop it,” Whooty said with mischief in his mind. His ultimate aim was to get Spark and his friends killed.

“We will do all in our power to help,” Jason said.

“Break a leg,” Whooty said.

“Let’s set off to Mr Zebra’s house because he lives with a predator so if we want to find trouble we should start there,” Spark suggested.

The three friends set off to Mr Zebra’s house to find out if he had a problem with any of the animals.

“Are we there yet? The sun is frying me,” Jason complained.

“Almost, stop being such a baby,” Zack replied.

Soon, the three friends arrived at Mr Zebra’s house.

“Good afternoon, Mr Zebra. Has anyone attacked you lately?” Jason asked.

“No, but now that you mention it, I find the way Mr Tiger looks at me troubling. He looks at me weirdly, making me feel like he wants to eat me up.”

The three friends went to Mr Tiger’s cave.

“Mr Tiger, Mr Zebra said you look at him weirdly, why is this so?”Spark asked.

“ I just admire his looks but I must say he is so noisy and likes talking too much. He also seems suspicious about me,” Mr Tiger answered.

After having a flashback, Spark remembered overhearing Mr Zebra saying how jealous he was of his fashion sense.

“Well,  I overheard Mr Zebra saying he loves your fashion senses,” Spark stated.

After a week of moving from house to house, there was no trouble until Mr Zebra came holding a letter. 

 “Guys, Mr Tiger is teasing me that he has a better fashion sense,” Mr Zebra said.

“That’s crazy,” Jason said.

“Here’s proof,” Mr Zebra said.

“Doesn’t this look like Whooty’s handwriting?” Zack said.

The three friends went to Whooty’s tree.

“Mr Zebra lied to you,” Whooty said.

Spark’s keen senses were telling him that Whooty was lying so he decided to spy on him.

The friends left Whooty’s tree but on their way Spark brought an idea.

“Guys, you take the lead. This doesn’t feel right so I’m staying behind to spy on Whooty.”

When he was sure the three friends had left, Whooty smiled, very content with himself.

“That Zebra fell for my trick hook line and sinker, very soon Owls will rule the animal kingdom when the animals turn on each other in anger, killing most of the big animals, ” Whooty said.

With that evidence in his palms, Spark called the police and Whooty was arrested for trying to take over the animal kingdom and peace was restored.

Legend has it that the lions of the kingdom ruled forever and because they were generally kind and fearless, the other animals were happy to have the lion as their leader.


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