MASKED :: by Laud Nii Mantey Annang








Who would have thought that the world would be so silent, streets so empty, and hospitals, in stark and grievous contrast, so full?


The world has no other option but to fight on, masked.


Brutal and unwanted, fear has engulfed our land in an overcoming wave, white masks, evidence of her paralyzing encounter with frail, defenseless humanity. The fateful visit is bound to alter the course of history forever. She taints the beauty of life with her deathly claws and robs mankind of the one thing that keeps him going – hope. Now, a hopeless world stands, powerless against the unseen enemy.


Hand in hand with death himself, the enemy seizes the airways of man for herself, turning a blind eye to the ineffable pain she inflicts upon her prey – only her thirst for the blood of mankind, coupled with her reckless advances for global supremacy, fuels her essence-consuming fire. A searing fire, casting its flames over life, which man holds so dearly.


Trepidation intensifies as she claws her way down the lungs of her prey, unfazed by the life, which like pellets of murky mucus, oozes ever so horrifically from mans feeble being. Yet, before she hands the baton over to death, she must make more of herself, in order to feast upon the lifeblood of other negligent men. In each sneeze, her overbearing army invades hundreds more. Death may now prevail.


Yet amid the chaos, a saviour beckons. One meek enough to be carelessly strapped across the face of man. He guards the entrance to man’s airways, banishing the enemy, and granting victory to mankind. Only those wise enough to seek the unfailing aid of the ever-so-necessary commodity of a face mask prevail.


Someday, man will get back on his feet. Someday in the not so distant future, fear would lose her grip. Slowly, but steadily, succumbing to defeat. Sure defeat.

Man collapsed to his knees before his captor – the enemy.

The saviour – the mask – restores diminishing hope.

So now the world fights the unseen enemy, masked.


Laud Nii Mantey Annang, 17, is a student who, in addition to his school work in the 6th Form, enjoys writing pieces of all kinds with the hope of becoming a published author someday.
His favourite subject, English, has undoubtedly left a mark on him. He may be a lazy reader at times, but certainly craves the thrill of a good book.



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  1. Wonderful. ..this shows how promising a writer he is… am short of words. .he certainly has an indept knowledge of what is going on around us…. Kudos, my man

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