Amazing Bible Stories Library

THE STORY OF SAMSON : GHC 5 : This is the amazing story of Samson, the strongest man that ever lived! Read about how God blessed and used Samson! Amazing!


Amazing Jesus
THE AMAZING MIRACLES OF JESUS :: GHC 5 :: Wow! Enjoy three awesome miracles that Jesus performed! They are so amazing! Read it now! Absolutely incredible!


David and Jonathan
DAVID AND JONATHAN : GHC 5 : David and Jonathan are best friends, but Jonathan’s father wants to kill David! What should Jonathan do? Read this incredible story of true friendship from the Bible!


Daniel In the Lions Den
DANIEL: THE MAN IN THE DEN OF LIONS : GHC 5 : Why was Daniel put into a den of wild lions? Are the lions going to devour him, or God will save him? Find out in this amazing Bible story now!


David and Goliath
THE STORY OF DAVID AND GOLIATH :: GHC 5 :: A young man is daring a terrible giant to a fight! How could this little man even dare to face such a horrible warrior? Read the amazing story of how David fought the fearsome giant Goliath!


ELIJAH’S AWESOME MIRACLES :: GHC 5 :: Read this amazing and incredible story about how Elijah performed three awesome miracles in the name of God!


Joseph 2
JOSEPH THE DREAM MASTER 2 : GHC 5 : Continue the amazing story of Joseph! In Book 1 we saw his brothers selling him into slavery. What happens next? Wow, enjoy the awesome story!


Joseph 3
JOSEPH THE DREAM MASTER BK 3: GHC 5 : Joseph was brought out of prison to explain Pharaoh’s dream! What happens next? Find out in Book 3 of this awesome story!

Joseph 4
JOSEPH THE DREAM MASTER 4 : GHC 5 : This is the conclusion of the amazing story of Joseph! Will he be reunited with his father and family? This is the amazing work of God! Read it now!