The Birthday :: A Short Story::by Moonlight

The Birthday
by Moonlight


In a faraway land, where milk and honey run through pipes in homes, lived a carefree, easy-going and adorable little girl called Ella.

Ella had four best friends named Lois, Adjoa, Gabriel, and Izzy.

It was very close to Ella’s birthday, and she just could not stop talking about it. She was turning nine in five days and had told everyone what she wanted – a big pink bear, pizza, ice cream, a tablet, and a party – where everyone would be treated to her favourite food – Jollof and spicy chicken.

Seeing how expectant Ella was, her friends decided to surprise her by throwing a party so they needed a plan.
They started gathering all the things she wanted for her birthday with the help of their parents.

Four days later, the birthday finally came.
Ella was the first to wake up and rushed to the living room expecting to see the big banner display with the inscription, ‘Happy Birthday, Ella!’. This was kind of a ritual with the Hanson’s.


Her heart sank to its lowest limit when she stood in the living room with no banner in sight.
“That’s not fair,” she muttered when it dawned on her that her family had forgotten about her birthday.

Thinking her parents had decided to put the banner outside instead, she opened the front door and stepped outside and she was even more disappointed when she saw that there was nothing of the sort displayed.

Almost in tears, she stepped back inside and started running upstairs to her bedroom. She bumped into her mom on the landing.
“Watch where you are going, Sleepyhead,” her mom said as she descended the stairs in a hurry.

Ella rushed to her room as tears started falling down her cheeks. She closed the door, ran to the bed, buried her head in the pillow and cried her heart out.


“Mom even called me names on my birthday,” she said as she became more convinced that her family had forgotten that day was her 9th birthday.

She decided not to complain to anyone since she felt no one cared. The thing was Dave’s 5th birthday was just a couple of months ago and before he woke that day, his gift was sitting on the dining table with the banner hanging across the front door.

She and her family had the usual Saturday morning breakfast together and right after that Mom and Dad left for town leaving them in the care of Mom’s sister who lived close by. Aunty BB also came in and said nothing to her, not even a happy birthday wish and this time around, she did not even bring the chocolate bars she always brought when she came to babysit them.

Ella raced to her room as soon as her parents went out the door and decided it was the worst day of her life.

After an hour or so, her door creaked open and her kid brother, Dave, walked in. He came in to show her the racing car her Auntie BB had brought him and handed over the candy bar she got Ella.


Ella took the candy bar and threw it against the wall, causing Dave to leave her room out of fear.

Ella thought of her friends who would have come over by now if they remembered it was her birthday. She looked at the time and when she saw that it was almost noon, accepted that she was the only one who remembered her birthday.

“So much for caring about others. I’ve never forgotten anyone’s birthday ever.”

She picked up her sketchbook and decided to draw her blues away.
A few minutes into her drawing, Aunt BB called her out and when she came, Izzy was in the living room. She said something about coming to say hi and take her to see her tree house which was finally completed.


Ella, though did not get the usual happy birthday wish from Izzy, felt excited because Izzy decided to share her joy in completing the tree house with her.
Since Izzy lived five blocks away, her Aunt and Dave decided to accompany them to make sure they stayed out of trouble.

The tree house was in the backyard so the two friends used the back door to the garden and then Ella came to a complete stop.

“Surprise!!!!!!!” everyone, including her parents, shouted and they all started singing the birthday song.

The friends talked about food, fashion, games, and boys after they had their fill of the delicious Jollof, Spicy Chicken, Pizza, and ice cream.

Everyone danced, played and sang for hours and gave her gifts including the ones she had wished for.

Much later, the friends were on their way to Ella’s house for a sleepover.

It was, by far, the best birthday Ella had ever had.

The End

Comprehension Questions
1. What age was Ella turning?
2. How many best friends did Ella have?
3. What did the friends do for Ella’s birthday?
4. Why was Ella crying?
5. Where was Ella’s birthday party held?