My Klever Handwriting Buddy Series

My Klever Handwriting Buddy

Welcome to the My Klever Handwriting Buddy Series. These are a series of handwriting guides and activities designed for children/adults yearning to write well.


They provide handwriting guidelines and activities to help gain an aesthetic writing style.

We believe that consistency and practice of all the activities will make a handwriting champ out of a child or adult.


Books in the Series


-Prewriting Fun

-Writing Uppercase Letters

-Writing Lowercase Letters


Primary School

-Basics of Good Handwriting

-Rules for Good Handwriting

-Handwriting Champ Maker

-Handwriting Hulk

-Handwriting Genie


We look forward to your subscription to help us impart these invaluable handwriting treasures to the Ghanaian Child and beyond.

Send an email to or WhatsApp to 0244084955 with further enquiries.



Zac 29:: Episode 1

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