Betty Blue’s Balloon :: A Short Story :: by Ekua Fosua

Betty Blue’s Big Balloon


A short story by 

Akua Fosua

Classwork (Stories for Young Children)


Betty Blue was an ordinary nine-year-old who lived in Australia.

She was a happy, carefree girl who loved to have fun until she went to the carnival with her family.


Betty bought a lot of candies and other goodies. 


While playing the carnival games, Betty came across a lady selling balloons. There were blue balloons, yellow balloons, pink balloons, and many more. But the balloon that caught Betty’s attention was a big red coloured balloon. She wanted it so badly that she did not want to leave the stand to find her parents to get it for her.


So she called her mother in a shout.

“Mommy!!!! Please come.”


Her mother, thinking the worst rushed to her adorable Betty only to realize the fuss was all over a balloon. 

Betty begged her to buy it for her. 


“Please, Mom. I’ll do anything you ask me to if you buy the big red balloon for me,” Little Betty implored.


Betty’s mother agreed finally, and Betty jumped with joy as the seller handed her the ballon after her sweet mother paid for it.


“You are the best, Mom,” Betty shouted as she ran off with joy.


Betty loved her balloon so much.

She walked around with it. She played with it and would not let go of it even in tight situations where she needed her two hands to move around.


Even on the way back home from the carnival, Betty held on to the balloon as if it was life itself.


Then, when Betty got home, she grudgingly left it tied on the kitchen door as she went to take her bath.


Mother was in the kitchen trying to fix something for the family.

And while she was cutting up tomatoes for dinner, she stepped out of the kitchen with the knife in hand, and the tip of the knife accidentally popped Betty’s balloon when she tripped close to where she had left it.


Betty was just inconsolable when she got out of the bath and rushed to take her treasured balloon. 

She cried and cried, and nothing anyone said helped in making her cheerful.


Her mother promised she would buy another one, but Betty didn’t want another one.


Later, Betty accepted her mother’s offer and stopped crying but still went to bed that evening clutching onto the pieces of her favourite red balloon.

The end.

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