The Beast Master…




He runs hard toward the tree

At the last moment, before he could crash into the tree, some force once again pulled him away from the tree!

“Wow!” Yaw Boat shouted. “I must be dreaming! It is as if I’m a bat! I have hidden sensors or something that prevents me from crashing into trees!”


“Hey, Musu child!” a harsh voice said behind him. “What are you doing here? Hey, have you grown a new leg? Hey, you evil being!”

Yaw Boat turned round slowly. Just a few feet behind him was a cruel hunter called Dametey who was always mean to Boat. Anytime Dametey met Boat in the woods he would call him terrible names, and he loved kicking Boat’s stick away and watching him fall.

Yaw Boat began to run away because he was scared of Dametey.

“Hey, stop!” Dametey shouted. “Where did you get that new leg? What evil is this? Come back here!”

Dametey is shocked by the new leg

Yaw Boat wove through the woods like a blur, his speed so fast that Dametey stopped running after him with awe written all over his face. He had never seen a human being running that fast!

“Geez, I’m flying!” Yaw Boat whispered as he ran, and quite suddenly he felt a strange sensation in his arms, and then his arms changed into great powerful wings!

Yaw Boat screamed with terror, but suddenly he was soaring into the skies!

He had great, gigantic eagle wings!

He was going up, up, up … higher, higher, higher… into the skies!

“Noooooooooooooooooooo!” he screamed with panic, and then his wings disappeared and he began to fall from the sky!

Yaw Boat crashed through the tree branches, and in desperation he shot out his fingers.


He had great, gigantic wings

“Webs, webs, webs!” he screamed, and suddenly tendrils of white strings shot from his fingers, and in a blur they formed a web in the trees, just above the ground, and he landed on the web safely!

It was like a giant spider’s web!

“I just spun a web!” Yaw Boat whispered with awe!

First his body had been able to spin round the trees, just like a bat!

When Dametey chased him he had run faster than a cheetah! He had developed wings and flown into the air like an eagle … and when he fell from the sky he had spun a web like a spider!

Yaw Boat got down from the giant web.

Trembling slightly, Yaw Boat stepped back.

“If this web is seen, fear will grip the town,” he said. “They would wonder what kind of giant spider spun it! I have to destroy it, but how?”

He stood far off and looked at the web.

“A fire can burn this web,” he said. “But how can I make a fire? I’m not a dragon! I need a fire!”

Suddenly he felt a hidden power sizzling within him, and a strange heat in his right hand.

He looked down slowly … and screamed!

In his right hand was a burning ball of fire!


Yaw Boat screamed and threw the ball of fire, and it hit the web, and it got burnt instantly!

Yaw Boat dropped to his knees, trembling with shock.

He had just summoned a ball of fire just by thinking about it!

He closed his eyes tightly, held out his hands away from his body and whispered:


He felt the heat sensation in both hands again, and opened his eyes slowly.

In each hand was a ball of fire, burning furiously!

“Oh, geez!” Yaw Boat whispered.

He shook his hands, and the fireballs died out.

He looked at a huge tree.

“An elephant can pull out that tree easily,” he whispered.

Trembling with excitement, Yaw Boat approached the tree.

He reached out his left hand and touched it.

“I need an elephant’s trunk,” he whispered.

He was prepared for it, but when his hand suddenly changed into a long elephant’s trunk and curled around the tree, Boat’s heart beat with sudden shock!

His hand changed into a trunk

Slowly he pulled out the huge tree from the ground and he lifted it high above his head with his trunk hand.

“Yaaaaaaayyyyyyy!” came a shocked scream behind him.

Boat dropped the tree and turned.

The man who had screamed was a wicked farmer called Yaayi.

He never gave Yaw Boat any food, but anytime another farmer gave food to Boat, Yaayi would come and take them from him.

He was looking at Yaw Boat with horror.

“Y-you!” he whispered. “You pu-pulled out the tree! You …. Demon! Demon!”

Yaayi suddenly raised his cutlass and rushed towards Boat.

“I need a lion!” Yaw Boat shouted with sudden fear!

Immediately his legs and hands changed and became hairy.

His head changed into a lion, and he roared fiercely!

The wicked farmer dropped his cutlass and fled blindly into the woods!

Yaw Boat was now a lion!

He is now a Lion

He tore through the woods in leaps and bounds, his sharp claws tearing into the ground!

Excited, he jumped into the air, and then he spoke!

“I need wings!” he whispered, and then his lion shape changed, and his arms were replaced with huge wings.

He turned over in the air, flapping his wings, and when he looked down he saw the clear river.

Laughing, he dropped from the air, and just as he crashed into the river … Yaw Boat changed into a shark!

He swam through the river, and he screamed with glee!

He knew the river ran right through the land on the outskirts of Adom, and so he swam harder!

Very soon he came out of the river, and climbed out unto dry land.

He was once more in his human body.

Yaw Boat grinned wildly!

He was wet all through, but he did not mind!

He had been holding a chameleon, and he had been struck by lightning. Indeed, he had a birthmark on his back that looked like a chameleon. Somehow, after being struck by lightning whilst holding the chameleon, he had suddenly acquired a supernatural ability to change into many beasts, just like the chameleon could change into many colours.

He is now a Shark

He was no longer the weak, sick boy he had been!

And he had changed! Now he had awesome powers.

“This is awesome! I am the beast master!” he said, and then he burst out laughing. “Yes, I like that. The Beast Master! I like that very much!”

He stood looking at the village of Adom.

His parents who had abandoned him were there with his siblings. Okomfo who had always hated him and banished him to the forests was there too.

Baba, Agbozo and Kuntu, the bullies who always made his life hell were there!

“Here I come,” Yaw Boat whispered as he began to walk towards the village. “Here I come.” 

The Beast Master. The Klever Magg. The Beast Master. The Klever Magg. The Beast Master. The Klever Magg. The Beast Master. The Klever Magg. The Beast Master. The Klever Magg. The Beast Master. The Klever Magg. The Beast Master. The Klever Magg.


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