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Dr. Mann felt he was the unhappiest man on earth.

He was a kind man, good at heart, and had never wished ill for any other man…but on that cold day in August, he wished that a certain young man called Paa Kwesi, would die!

Dr. Mann hated Paa Kwesi with all his breath.

Paa Kwesi was the richest man in the town of Adiembra. He owned most of the industries. He was a good businessman who had risen from being a poor boy to a wealthy man. Indeed, he was known to be a very wicked young man who never forgave wrongs.

Dr. Mann had been a doctor in the government hospital in the city. He lived with his wife and only daughter. His daughter was called Esi. His wife and Esi had a small store in the city.  There had not been any hospital in Adiembra, his hometown, and the people had to walk many kilometres to a health post in another town when they were sick. The people, especially the children and women, had suffered a great deal.

This had made Dr. Mann very sad indeed. He wanted to help his people, but he did not have enough money to set up a hospital in Adiembra.

A friend of Dr. Mann called Amankwaah had introduced him to Paa Kwesi. Dr. Mann had asked for a loan from Paa Kwesi to set up a hospital in Adiembra.

Dr. Mann had not really liked Paa Kwesi when he saw him because the young man had been very arrogant and rude.

Dr. Mann did not like young men who were disrespectful. However, because he needed a loan so badly, he had been tolerant of Paa Kwesi’s bad attitude.

Paa Kwesi had given the loan to Dr. Mann and had sounded a stern warning.

“I shall take interest on the loan,” Paa Kwesi had said. “I shall give it to you for five years. If you have not finished paying me back my money by then, I shall take over the hospital!”

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Paa Kwasi is a rich young man

Dr. Mann had agreed to the terms of the loan. He had been sure that five years would be enough to pay back the loan and the interest on it. He had therefore taken the loan from Paa Kwesi without too much of a worry.

Dr. Mann then quit his job with the government hospital and built a beautiful hospital in Adiembra. He had wards and a theatre. He even fixed an expensive power plant so that he would always have electrical power in the hospital.

The people of Adiembra had been so happy when Dr. Mann built the beautiful hospital. He called it Mann’s Hospital. The day he commissioned the hospital many important people came to the function.

Paa Kwesi was present too, and he nodded with appreciation when he saw how beautiful and well-equipped the hospital was.

Many people from the surrounding towns came to Mann’s Hospital. This was because Dr. Mann was a good doctor. He performed many surgical operations successfully.

Sadly, many people in the towns were very poor people. Most of them could not pay their medical bills in full. Some did not have any money to pay at all.

Dr. Mann was a kind man, and he did not take money from poor people who could not afford to pay.

As a result, Dr. Mann soon started having problems. Sometimes the money he had at the end of the month could barely pay his workers’ salaries, social security and taxes. Sometimes, he was left with nothing after paying the interest on Paa Kwesi’s loan for the month.

His wife decided that she had to begin selling again so that she could help her husband. As a result, Dr. Mann took his wife and daughter to Paa Kwesi. He begged Paa Kwesi to give a loan to his wife and daughter so that they could operate a supermarket in Adiembra.  

“It’s all good!” said Paa Kwesi with a sly smile. “I shall give you the loan but remember that after two years I shall take my money back with interest!”

“Don’t worry,” said Mrs. Mann. “We shall repay the loan and the interest before the two years are up!”

Thus, Dr. Mann’s wife and daughter also took a loan from Paa Kwesi.

They opened their huge supermarket. People from all the surrounding towns came to Adiembra to shop in the supermarket. Soon they were making a lot of money, and they helped Dr. Mann to pay his loan interest each month.

As the years passed by slowly, however, Dr. Mann realised that he would not be able to pay the principal amount that he owed Paa Kwesi. This was because people still could not pay their medical bills, and also Dr. Mann used some of the profit he made to expand the hospital and equip it even further. People congratulated him on how well he was keeping the hospital.

Paa Kwesi never asked for his money, and thus Dr. Mann thought that when the five years were up, he could beg Paa Kwesi to extend the time of his credit.

Calamity struck Dr. Mann and his family one sad day when the two years were almost up for his wife and daughter to pay back the loan to Paa Kwesi.

The supermarket burned down!

It was deep in the night when one of the security men came and woke up Dr. Mann and his family with the terrible news that the supermarket was on fire. The distressed family had rushed to the scene. The Fire Service had been called, and they had arrived with their tankers, but they were too late. The fire which had engulfed the supermarket was a raging fire, and nothing could be saved.

Dr. Mann and his family could only watch and weep. Everything in the store was burnt to ashes. The security guards said they had seen fire rippling through the electrical wires, shooting from one electric pole to the next, and then the fire had started in the supermarket.

Dr. Mann went to Paa Kwesi to explain the unfortunate accident. Paa Kwesi smiled at Dr. Mann in a sly way.

“You should have insured the supermarket against fire,” he said. “The insurance company would have paid for the damages. Don’t worry, good doctor, you still have some few months to pay back the loan!”

Dr. Mann and his family had nowhere to go. He worked very hard at the hospital, but what he made was not enough.

When the two years were up, Dr. Mann saw the true colours of Paa Kwesi.

Paa Kwesi sent the case to court!

Dr. Mann went with some important people in Adiembra to beg Paa Kwesi to give him some more time to pay back the loan his wife and daughter had contracted, but Paa Kwesi only smiled, and gave no answer.

Two days later, the police came for Dr. Mann’s wife and daughter.

The case was a short one…Dr. Mann’s wife and daughter were sent to prison because Paa Kwesi would not give them more time to pay back the loan, and he was not ready to forgive them.


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